Q:  Do I need an appointment to come in?

A:  No, you only need a reservation if you are scheduling a party or event or if you are registering for a class or event.  Or

if you are bringing a large group, it helps us if we know that you are coming.


Q:  How long does it take?

A:  Pottery:  Well…You have 2 sessions in which to finish painting your pottery because we really want you to enjoy

your creative experience and not rush.  Some people finish in an hour while others may need both visits, it really all

depends upon what project you chose to create. If you need more time than that, we ask that you pay an extra studio fee

to get 2 more painting sessions.  After you are finished, then you turn your piece over to us.  We let the piece dry

overnight, put a clear glaze on it to make it shiny and food safe, then we let that dry overnight.  Next, it waits its turn to

go into the kiln.  It takes the kiln about 8 hours to heat up to 1830 degrees and another day to cool down so that we can

open the kiln lid without losing our eyebrows.  We unload the kiln and sand the stilt marks off the bottom of each piece, sort

the pieces and place on the shelf- Ta Da- Ready for you to take home!  In short, your piece will be ready one week later

from the time you turn it in to us.

A: Fused Glass: Pieces wait for an appropriate kiln load to get in depending on whether you want your piece “bumpy”

or “smooth”.  Then we put them through another firing if you want your fused glass piece slumped into a shape other than

flat.  Ready 2 weeks later.


Q: I don’t live here.  Can I still play?

A:  We offer shipping for all your pieces.  Shipping rates are $10 per piece on the East Coast. Outside of the East Coast we charge the cost from USPS.

A:  For all you immediate gratificationists, we offer an acrylic painting option.  You use acrylic paints instead of kiln fired

paints and we spray your piece with a gloss glaze when you are finished painting.  You can take your finished

masterpieces with you when you go.   The downside to acrylic painting is that you cannot paint

a food safe piece or a piece, such as a vase, that would hold liquid.  The upside is  acrylics come in hot pink and glitter!


Q:  How much does it cost?

A:  We have pieces for all budgets.  Smaller pieces usually cost less than larger pieces.  The average piece price is

$15-$20 but there are pieces for less and pieces for more. Our pieces are individually priced, this price covers painting,

time, glazing and firing, and of course more help with your project than you can imagine.


Q:   Is my pottery food safe and can I put it in the dishwasher and microwave?

A: Pottery: Yes, you can eat out of your pottery.  All of our products are non-toxic and dinnerware safe. As for the

dishwasher and microwave use…the manufacturers would say that you should not put your pottery in the microwave or

dishwasher.  Mostly, this is because it can cause stress to the pieces causing them to get cracked or chipped.  We have

been using our hand painted pieces in both the dishwasher and microwave, but hey, we own a pottery shop and can

make new ones any time we want. If you treasure your pottery and it is irreplaceable, we would say, skip the

microwave and dishwasher.

A:  Glass: Yes, it is nontoxic and dishwasher safe.


Q:  I’m just not creative.  Is there anything here for me?

A:  If we had a nickel for every time we hear this, we’d have our piggy banks crammed full.   There is absolutely no

excuse for not creating beautiful pottery and glass.  We have doilies, lace, stamps, stencils, fun writers, tracing paper, dot

makers, wire tools, sponges, rubber stamps, tape, your own hands, fingers and toes, and all kinds of cool techniques that

David and I would love to share with you for decorating your pottery.